Amy Leiter




I specialize in therapeutic work through mind-body connection and breath, paired with the art process. I support individuals in cultivating a deeper connection with themselves and exploring a variety of healing methods and other therapeutic modalities to help with symptoms of anxiety, self-judgement or self-esteem challenges, and life transitions. Do you feel stuck or unfulfilled? Who do you want to be? How can I support you?


“Ground Control”


Commencing count down 5, 4, 3, 2... Experience the grounding effects of our first Survival Blend "Ground Control" This ode to Bowie will keep you grounded to Earht with a foundation of Vetiver and Cardamom, finishing with citrus, and light floral notes. This blend is the first of five oil blends from this ♾ Surrender (Surrender in the City) + Revival (Revival Project) Collab >> Survival Provisions producing tools for self-care and life transitions.

Especially for fall! It is equal opportunity but great for Manifestors and those looking for Earth or to ground from over activity or overwhelm. It is the first release for the 4 elements and 5 human design types... Stay tuned! ⚡️Positive properties: include peace, grounded, patient, emotionally aware, and connected. The Ground Control blend has a powerful effect on the heart and mind. It is uniquely calming and allows your mind and body to unwind. Order your 10ml roller ball from Apply on the wrist rubbing them together to diffuse. Oooof you will love it, promise!

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My name is Amy Leiter and I am an Artist, Board Certified Art Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, Community Collaborator, and Therapeutic Supervisor in Denver, Colorado. All of my training and experiences allow me to offer a spectrum of healing and transformational experiences from a Transpersonal lens. This means I meet you where you are at and I am open to engaging with all of you (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) so I refer to my therapeutic work with clients as Transpersonal Art Healing.

When I make art it is a meditation, my mind is quiet, it is a state of presence. When I share my art it is sharing a piece of my experience and soul. When I work and connect with others in their healing I engage with my highest part of myself, I am learning, and guiding people back to themselves and their internal fire.

Through out the last year I have been meeting beautiful souls, artists, and healers that have been gathered to be The Revival Project Team to offer intentional movement, art making, and creating. We are a collaboration with Violet Hive Art Collective, which I founded in 2015 to engage the community with more access to art, mindfulness, creativity, and healing.

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Art as Healing, Art Therapy, and Transpersonal Art and Movement is for everyone, even if you do not think of yourself as an artist or a yogi! And good news even if you don't, we believe! Art does not always have to be about the product and often in our work together you will find the process is more important and you will grow to love what you discover. Movement also can be still with intention. The creative process and mind-body connection can encourage deep personal growth and healing. Through art and movement you may be able to access the parts of yourself that you thought you lost or you may have never knew existed. We will support and facilitate a safe and honest space where together we will work with any challenges, support your imagination, creativity, and presence to help you move toward a positive thought process and self-acceptance. 

The Revival Project Denver (Healing through Consciousness, Art, and Movement) is part of the Violet Hive Art Collective (Community Art Studios and Low-cost to No-cost Therapeutic Services). The Revival Project team feels similarly about Art and Movement for a deeper experience or for joy and healing.