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Beyond Therapy, one on one sessions and art as healing studios were born out of my own process of entering the fire of growth and transformation. As humans we are many layered beings and sometimes we need to dig deep and let go to move forward. I support individuals in digging deep, being creative, and transforming their lives through therapy and beyond. I am an Art Therapist and Healer, Artist, and Collaborator. In all of my work I use a transpersonal and therapeutic lens, however, most of what I do is not only therapy it goes beyond to address your purpose, life path, and to guide you in reconnecting mindfully to yourself and support (in with relationship with others, and the community).

Who are you? Who do you want to be?

How can I support you?

Let’s figure it out together.


My name is Amy Leiter and I am an Artist, Transpersonal Art Practitioner, Board Certified Art Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, and Community Collaborator in Denver, Colorado.

All of my training and experiences allow me to offer a spectrum of healing and transformational experiences from a Transpersonal lens. This means I meet you where you are at and I am open to engaging with all of you (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual).

I specialize in work through Mind-Body connection and Art because I believe the art experience creates tangible evidence of growth and change. The interventions and services I provide for adults, teens, and pre-teens may be art, art as healing and mindfulness or therapeutic art based modalities. I will support you in cultivating a deeper connection with your higher self and explore a variety of healing methods through the use of art, mindfulness, and other eclectic modalities. I am committed to work with the nonprofit sector and to give of myself to support individuals and our art community in healing as the Founding Partner of Violet Hive Art Collective.

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Art as Healing, Art Therapy, and Transpersonal Art Processes are for everyone, even if you do not think of yourself as an artist! And good news even if you don't, I believe! Art does not always have to be about the product and often in our work together you will find the process is more important and you will grow to love what you discover. The creative process can encourage deep personal growth and healing.  Through art you may be able to access the parts of yourself that you thought you lost or you may have never knew existed. I will support and facilitate a safe and honest space where together we will work with any challenges, support your imagination and creativity to help you move toward a positive thought process and self-acceptance. 

When I make art it is a meditation, my mind is quiet, it is a state of presence. When I share my art it is sharing a piece of my experience and soul. When I work and connect with others in their healing I engage with my highest part of myself, I am learning, and guiding people back to themselves and their internal fire.