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As a collective of artists and healing practitioners we are striving to bring art to the community in a more accessible way. Through The Revival Project by Violet Hive Art Collective we believe that everyone is creative and therefor an artist. This team has specifically been cultivated by Amy (Violet Hive’s Founder to bring a higher level Art Experience for those ready to dig deeper, explore consciousness and art from a spiritual perspective while building community. The act of expressing one’s self through art and movement allows us to have more access to our right brain and see events, consider the world for alternate perspectives, and grow. Art allows us the opportunity to create openings and an allowance for an infinite amount of possibilities to be true. Learn more about our artists and their talents and offerings below.




E-RYT, Certified Lagree Instructor and BA, Business & Marketing
Consultant, Body Work Facilitator, and Guide
Mobile Programming + Nurture

Jen Ibanez is a coach, yoga practitioner, and guide through movement medicine that is Surrender work through Surrender in the City. Surrender is our practice of emotional make practical use of tools that helps each of us dive into the discovery of true inward sanctuary.

Jen provides personal consulting, workshops, and resources through her healing process Surrender, a guided self-study experience designed to; demystify spiritual and practical practices, to help us find our space of ease, learn more about how/where our body stores life and feelings, to learn how to get back to our center in the midst of life that swirling around the moment that it happens. It's the discovery of true inward sanctuary, HERE in the city.



Artist, Background as a Licensed Art Educator
Mobile Programming + Nurture

Carrie Diehl is a local Denver artist with over 20 years teaching experience. She has taught Studio Art to people of all ages and believes we are all artists at heart. Carrie recently retired from the classroom and is passionate about continuing to bring the creative experience to kids and adults alike. She sees the arts as a tool for connecting people to both themselves and each other in a meaningful way. Carrie currently teaches art workshops in the Denver Metro Area and is loving her life!

Specializations: Sculpture, ceramics, painting, weaving and more.

Dreamcatchers, Goddess Sculptures, and Mala bracelets

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Francesca Morales  

Jewelry Artist and Healing Practitioner
Mobile Programming + VH Honey Comb Studio

Masters in Social Work, Colorado State Board Certification for Visual and Design Arts, Studio Artist, Healing Practitioner

As a healing practitioner, I merge decades of social work practice with a life time of jewelry design experience, to provide havens for women to creatively explore their struggles as they experience life’s journey. I believe everyone can tap into their creative side and that although the healing path may cause multi-dimensional upheaval, when artistic expression accompanies that path, there can be an inexplicable sense of flow. Further, I perceive jewelry making as a healing art form, as it gifts us the ability to literally adorn ourselves in our courage and strength. These sessions consist of discussion and self-reflection that celebrate us as individuals, participants often walk away feeling more connected to themselves and the collective. Their energy emanating from the gemstone pieces they’ve created, as well as the transformative energy revealed within their spirit.

Approaches and Modalities include: An array of jewelry making and wearable art techniques (for all skill levels), wellness theories, as well as ancient and contemporary holistic health approaches.

Specialization: Women in all stages of life’s cycles experiencing illness or loss, seeking to express their voice and enhance their life creatively, emotionally and spiritually.

Workshops, Retreats, and Services: Healing Through Jewelry Women’s Retreats. Sessions vary from one-day (6 hours) to three-day (18 hours).